Vaughn Management LLC

Brad V.

I would like to thank you and your staff for the exceptional effort in facilitating the purchase of the 140-unit, Cambridge House in Davis, CA and the disposition of my 100-unit, Rosemont Terrace in Sacramento, CA. Facilitating a 1031 exchange of this magnitude is a giant task and you and your team performed above and beyond our expectations.

As you know, this was a particularly complicated transaction because the buyer we had previously procured for our down leg sale of 100 units in Sacramento, backed out at the 11th hour. You and your team swiftly moved into action and within 48 hours, identified several qualified buyers and secured the right buyer who quickly performed within the required timeline and price to get the deal done paving the way for us to move forward on Cambridge House. Considering the complexity of navigating and closing 2 escrows simultaneously, your expertise and perseverance throughout the entire process got us to the finish line. It’s reassuring to know that you have consummate professionals on your team that were very attentive and kept both transactions on track and clear communication with all the parties involved.