Operations Project Manager

Collin Castillo

Collin Castillo is the Operations Project Manager at The Mogharebi Group. Collin is directly responsible for ensuring The Mogharebi Group’s active deal pipeline flows smoothly. He manages this responsibility by maintaining and facilitating strong communications not only between the various departments in TMG but also between those departments and The Mogharebi Group’s ever-growing National Database. Additionally, Collin is the main point of contact for TMG’s marketing and research departments, overseeing the staff and the collateral they produce. Prior to joining The Mogharebi Group, he worked as a digital product quality specialist at Mazda USA’s primary advertising agency, Garage Teams, based out of Costa Mesa, CA. While attending The University of Alabama, Collin worked as a conceptual artist and advertising coordinator for a luxury cell phone accessory company based in NY, on contract with Marvel Comics and MLB. In 2019, Collin graduated from The University of Alabama where he studied Advertising and Geology.