The Mogharebi Group provides a variety of advisory solutions to its clients all with the singular aim of maximizing the value of the real estate.

Broker Opinion of Value

The Mogharebi Group’s broker team has decades of experience in determining a commercial property’s current market value. Our estimated valuations are based on careful assessments of market and property conditions and analysis of recent comparable sales, as well as our vast knowledge about market trends and performance.  In addition to pertinent property details, such as income, expenses, physical condition, zoning, and environmental data, among others, our team will also review local market conditions that may affect property value. Throughout the process, The Mogharebi Group team will work diligently to create a valuation that will not only perform well in the market, but create success for the client.

Market Analysis and Data

Our team continually monitor the trends in Southern California’s commercial real estate market, enabling us to make projections and valuations that help our clients to make critical and successful real estate investment decisions. In addition to our vast experience in the marketplace and specialized knowledge of the Southern California multifamily market, our team continuously reviews trends in other markets and regions to help keep clients ahead of the curve.

Affordable Housing (HUD, LIHTC & USDA)

The Mogharebi Group’s affordable housing team is dedicated to providing specialized services to the owners of affordable multifamily housing and HUD-regulated properties nationwide. Through this specialty, the team provides leading real estate advisory services, portfolio analyses and real estate disposition services. With decades of experience, the team’s affordable housing expertise enables us to maximize value for clients throughout the entire real estate process.