About us

About us

Our Difference

Track Record of Success

Formed by Alex Mogharebi, one of the industry’s most successful producers and the preeminent thought leader in the multifamily space, The Mogharebi Group’s foundation lies with Alex’s track record of success.  He has consistently ranked as one of the top brokers nationwide, and continually achieves an average of more than 97% of a client’s asking price in the sale of a property

Multifamily Expertise

The Mogharebi Group is focused on the multifamily sector, investing all of their professional time in managing transactions and analyzing local market conditions for local, regional and national apartment owners and investors. Our professionals fully understand the multifamily sector and are prepared to overcome any obstacle to maximize value.

Parallel Process

Whether looking to refinance or sell an asset, it’s critical to enlist a partner that can lead apartment owners and investors to the best solution. At The Mogharebi Group, we believe in letting the market determine whether refinancing or selling an asset will yield the largest return. To do so, we underwrite and actively market a property for sale while going through the pre-refinancing steps to allow the investor to see how the market responds. By doing this before determining next steps, we can attract more buyers at a higher selling price or qualify an investor for a better loan. This parallel process approach gives the investor the best opportunity to assess whether to sell or refinance the property resulting in the best value for the deal.

Bringing Wall St. to Main St.

Alex Mogharebi brings decades of market knowledge, expertise and success to help investors create and growth wealth. His unparalleled track record, and focus on quality over quantity, has resulted in sustained long-term relationships over transactions. It’s a personal touch where he and his team apply marketing, debt, financing, or advisory services and market intelligence to help clients create wealth. In this way, we deliver Wall Street expertise to Main Street to create unprecedented value.