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The Mogharebi Group offers a variety of investment sales services that are custom-tailored to meet our clients’ needs. Every property and every client is unique and The Mogharebi Group strives to understand the nuances of our clients’ business goals to deliver best-in-class service and achieve maximum value. Using our collective experience in the multifamily industry, our team provides unparalleled insight into market conditions, trends, and developments to help our clients navigate an ever-changing investment environment. With decades of industry-leading experience, The Mogharebi Group investment advisors and specialized multifamily support divisions apply the full focus of our in-house services to assist our clients every step of the way.

  • Exclusive listings and off-market inventory
  • Comprehensive tracking of market activity and flow of capital
  • Marketing, research, underwriting, transaction management, and advisory services

Investment Sales Success Stories

Alex Mogharebi is indomitable. He has the perseverance, will and energy to respond promptly to my changing needs with politeness and thoroughness.

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Sol R.Crystal Asset Management

Not only did you demonstrate the excellent proficiency in handling 1031 exchanges for both parties, but you were able to achieve 100% of the asking price.

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John Z.Private Investor

Thanks to you, the seller achieved the highest price by far compared to the estimated “high” selling prices from the other two brokers considered.

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Russell F.Pacifica Real Estate Group

Facilitating a 1031 exchange of this magnitude is a giant task and you and your team performed above and beyond our expectations.

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Brad V.Vaughn Management LLC

Not only were they able to quickly execute the sale with non-contingent deposit, but they located the unobvious buyer which achieved best pricing for us.

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Ryan S.Benedict Canyon Equities

You clearly demonstrated that your team has the market presence and in-depth knowledge to get the job to the finish line.

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Sumit S.SF Florin LP

Occupancy was at 63% and though financing was tough for most student housing owners, you were able to find a buyer close to our pre-pandemic value.

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Vikrant B.Veddis

Finding buyers to assume a loan that was 150 bps higher in all-time low-interest rate environment, you emphasized the importance of targeting the right buyers.

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David T.Tilden Properties

We previously listed the property with a different firm, and they were not able to get it sold. You were able to successfully close the sale with multiple offers.

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Fred A.Parkview Management Group

As promised, you delivered! You were able to locate the right property and fulfill our investment objectives. We were very impressed with your extensive list of deliverable properties.

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Greg H.Harbor Group International

From marketing the property to coordinating the escrow, your support team is always professional, efficient, and knowledgeable.

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Jeff U.Vista Pacific, Inc.

You and your team ultimately procured the best buyer, guided them through the pandemic volatility, and closed within 99.5% of your proposed value.

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Ron N.Fairmont Management Company

Once again, TMG was able to help me realize a sizeable profit in less than 2 years.

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Rao & Srinivas Y.Positive Investments
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